Working With Us



Orders may be placed with the sales representative in your area, or by calling a customer service representative at our office in Brooks, Oregon.  Customers are urged to place their order for the next crop year (October 1st through September 30th each year) by August 8th.  Orders received by this date are given the first opportunity to have item quantities confirmed from the next year’s inventory.  Order confirmations are sent out in September.  Orders received after August 8th or thereafter are filled from our weekly availability.

All orders are booked subject to projected estimates, crop growing conditions, and actual availability at the time of shipping. Orders shall become void, or partially void, should injury befall the stock due to drought, flood, fire, frost, errors in count, or by other causes.  There is no minimum quantity for placing an order.  Of course, freight costs per tree are reduced the larger the order size.



Prices are listed for the wholesale trade in the United States and Canada only, and cancel all previous prices offered by us. All prices quoted are F.O.B. Brooks, Oregon and are subject to change without notice.  Any additional cost incurred due to quarantine requirements, including fumigation and phytosanitary costs, will be in addition to the quoted price.

All orders are confirmed based upon each crop year inventory which goes from October 1st through September 30th.  Orders with ship dates within an inventory year cannot be extended to the next crop year without approval by NWST and may result in adjusted pricing due to increased tree calipers.



Payment terms for approved open accounts are NET 30.  A service charge of 1 ½% per month (18% per annum), will be assessed on all overdue accounts.  All freight invoices are NET 10.

Credit Cards: For new orders with an immediate ship date, we offer the convenience of VISA or MasterCard.  No C.O.D. orders for any shipments.

For established accounts, we offer a choice of open account terms or a bank credit card upon invoice. These convenient payment methods may not be combined. Please call our credit department for details.


Credit Application

All customers, except those making prepayment or paying C.O.D., must fill out and sign a confidential credit application. We cannot assure determination on a credit application if the form is not filled out completely. Please allow a minimum of one week to process your application.  Any change in business ownership requires notification to Northwest Shade Trees, LLC and a new credit application must be completed and approved before an open credit account can be re-established. Click here to download our credit application.



All our trees are graded and dug in compliance with ANLA standards. All trees are machine dug and placed in wire baskets with treated burlap to ensure excellent survivability and ease of handling.



Northwest Shade Trees, LLC will provide stock photos of any tree ordered at no charge.  Customer requests for special requirements or conditions, i.e., a measuring device, or identification or numbering of specific trees, will result in a $10 fee per photo added to the order.  We are unable to offer photos with a person in them for scale; however, we do have a grading rod available to include if requested, which should prove more useful.



All shipping is made at the expense and risk of purchaser. We can provide assistance in locating a shipper through one of our truck brokers or you may arrange your own shipping. To ensure quick, efficient loading, seven days' notice is necessary when picking up your order. Trees not shipped by May 1st may require a storage fee of $7/tree/month and a nonrefundable deposit to hold.



Any trees that are not shipped by May 1st may be subject to a storage fee of $7/tree/month. This fee covers the costs to place and care for trees that require extended storage out of the ground.

Trees dug after breaking dormancy are dug under a Summer Digging Program developed by Northwest Shade Trees, LLC over the past 5 years.  A Summer Digging fee of $21 may be charged if dug from May through September.


USNCP Program

Northwest Shade Trees, LLC has participated in the United States Nursery Certification Program (USNCP) since its inception in 2004. The program is an agreement and protocol between U.S. and Canadian governments which allows participating nurseries to write their own phytosanitary certificates for plants shipped to Canada.  Northwest Shade Trees, LLC can ship orders to Canadian customers the same day the order is received.  Participation in USNCP ensures all our customers their trees are certified disease free.



Northwest Shade Trees LLC expressly warrants that all trees purchased will be true to name and in good, healthy condition when they leave the nursery. Northwest Shade Trees LLC also holds itself in readiness, on proper proof, to replace all such nursery stock that may prove otherwise.

There is no warranty for loss of trees that are bare rooted or have the wire basket removed. Northwest Shade Trees LLC expressly disclaims any other warranty, expressed or implied, as to productiveness or growth, as to results secured in transplanting, or any other consequential damages. This warranty is non-transferable and is void if payment is not made in full, when due, for the total contract price for all nursery stock shipped.



Claims for any cause will receive consideration when made within 10 days after delivery of stock or acceptance thereof. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for said nursery stock.

This warranty is in lieu of all other written or expressed or implied warranties and Northwest Shade Trees LLC hereby expressly disclaims any such warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

All nursery stock bearing plant patent identification numbers have been produced under license from the patent owner. Propagation or reproduction of these varieties without permission of the plant patent owners is in violation of the plant patent law.

Claims will only be considered when full invoice payment has been received.



If an acknowledged order is cancelled after being dug, Northwest Shade Trees LLC reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 15% or greater to compensate for cost of processing, growth loss, and/or likely loss of sale when canceled late in the season.