Welcome to Northwest Shade Trees

NWST is a wholesale specimen deciduous, flowering, and conifer nursery founded in 1973 by family members and employees of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.  Today the company grows more than 350 cultivars on 360 acres in Brooks, OR.  Our prime Willamette Valley soils, abundant water supply, and temperate weather help grow healthy trees well-suited to transplant anywhere throughout our primary market area in the Western U.S. and Canada.

Pruning practices, developed over nearly four decades of experience and research, result in beautiful tree canopies with symmetrical, perfectly formed crowns with straight leaders.  Our standards set us apart from the competition and have established us as industry leaders in B&B specimen tree growing. Customers return year after year knowing they can depend upon NWST consistent quality. 

NWST’s management and employees are very environmentally conscious.  Drip irrigation is used throughout the nursery to maximize water efficiency.  Annual soil analysis helps us determine the appropriate fertilizer regimes, by tree type, for optimum tree growth. Fertilizer applications are split throughout the growing season and applied through the drip irrigation lines to keep all nutrients in the tree’s root zone, thus eliminating nutrient runoff.  A dwarf grass seed selection is planted between tree rows to help with water infiltration, minimize storm runoff and to help support our digging equipment.  Over 100 Raptor poles are strategically placed throughout the nursery and attract many species of hawks, owls, kestrels, and other raptors which help control rodents which might damage tree roots.

NWST also prides itself on a reputation for being an innovator in digging and shipping trees during the growing season. Our customers order trees to fill their immediate tree needs with just a one week notice before shipping from our nursery. 

We welcome you to visit our nursery to judge for yourself once we are able to resume tours.  See the newest and improved tree varieties first hand.  Let NWST be your partner and offer your company the best value in specimen trees and a level of customer service you will appreciate year after year. 

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